Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

While we all want to save a buck here and there, cheaper isn’t always better or smarter in our quest for savings. This is especially true when hiring the bar service company or food caterer for your party/event. Making sure there is responsible service of alcohol and keeping your guests safe should be a top priority at your upcoming event.

There are many bartenders out there that will not cut a guest off when they have had too much to drink because they want that potential tip. It’s greedy, selfish, and could end up in a disaster. Make sure the bar service you choose is willing to put you and your guests safety first.

Although you haven’t finished planning, your event is in the works, and you know you want to throw a great one with the bottles poppin’ and booze flowin’. For your event to be a great one, you need to hire an event bartender to bring the party to life! There are many bartenders out there that will say they can bartend your event, but are they the safest bet is the question.

Is the bar service a licensed business or are they operating unlawfully? Many venues will not take the risk of having an unlicensed business providing a paid service on their property. That is a liability for them, so your best bet would be to hire a bar service that is a licensed business with liability insurance in the first place. There is nothing worse then finding out your “bartender” is working your event illegally as an unlawful business.

Now that you have chosen a law abiding business to bartend at your event there is something any reputable company will have, and that is insurance. If you are hiring a bar service to bartend at your event they will be a little more costly, but worth it because they will carry liquor liability and general liability insurance. While it may be tempting to have someone do the work for half as much, you’re opening yourself and said bartender up to one huge lawsuit if something were to occur due to alcohol. At Katalyst Bar Services, we carry both liquor liability and general liability to cover you and ourselves.

When you have a vision for your event we will make sure that vision becomes a reality. We do not send robots to your event that will bring the mood down, we only staff a bartender or bartenders that add pep and fun to the night. If you have ever had a horrible bartender, you know exactly how important this is. All great event bartenders add something extra. We will customize everything to your taste, right down to the clothes we wear. We get the job done right while keeping the party going and your guests engaged.

Sometimes you want only one bartender because you don’t want to pay the extra costs of two or three bartenders. This is understandable, but it isn’t very realistic. The rule of thumb is one bartender per 50 guests, but there are a couple exceptions. First, if there is only beer and wine being served, a professional high volume bartender would be able to tend a party of 100 guests with no problem. If there are mixed drinks being made, two bartenders are suggested because it will keep guest lines down and the bartenders will be able to keep their eyes on everyone to make sure everyone is drinking responsibly. Second, maybe more than half of these guests don’t even drink, then you would definitely be fine with one bartender per 100 guests. Everything needs to be taken into account when booking a bar service.

Just remember that cheaper isn’t always better. You get what you pay for and it may not be worth the risk. Lack of insurance, knowledge, and financial security can spell disaster for an unsuspecting host/hostess. Let us help you with your next event. We are a licensed and insured business that provides ABC LEAD certified bartenders.

It’s great to get a deal! We’ll give you a great deal and outstanding service!

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